Final Rout & Slots

PCBs are cut out of our manufacturing panel by routing. Unless a different size is specified we will use a 2.0mm router bit for all final routing.

0.8mm is the smallest router bit available and is the smallest width NPTH slot we can do.  For PTH slots, the smallest finished width offered is 0.6mm, which also uses a 0.8mm bit. As it is prone to breakage, it is not used for extended or final rout.  Other sizes up to 2.5mm are available.

Boards larger than 50mm x 50mm will be supplied as loose units unless otherwise advised. Standard spacing between pcbs copied on the panel is 5mm.

Boards smaller than 50mm x 50mm will be supplied in a tabbed panel or tabbed together.  The smaller the pcb, the more space that is required between pcbs for stability and support during the rout process.  Standard spacing is 10mm between pcbs in these cases.

If you require the boards supplied in an assembly panel, you should supply the design to us already panelised.  We can panelise the design but will require specific details as to tooling strips, tooling holes, fiducials and min/max panel size.

Slots/Long Holes/Square Holes/Slotted Holes

These are always routed, never peck drilled.  Minimum finished PTH slot width is 0.6mm, using a 0.8mm router bit. PTH slots are routed immediately after drill, whilst NPTH slots are cut during the final rout process. All special routing attracts surcharges.