CAM Setup

PCBs are made from Gerber 274-X data and NC files in text or binary format.

As well as gerber 274-X, we accept pcb files from Altium, Windows based Protel (2.8, 98, 99SE & DXP) as well as Eagle design packages.

We cannot use DXF files, PDFs, JPEGs or any other picture file as these do not produce gerber data.

Once we have good gerber data imported into the CAM software, the first thing to do is check that we can actually make your board in our factory.  These are not DRCs or fit for purpose checks, they are simply checks of certain minimums such as via size, track size etc.

The pcb is then copied around the panel as required (step & repeat), photo-tools are plotted and the drill, rout and any other machine files generated.

Our default is to supply pcbs routed loose or in a tabbed panel for customer break-apart unless told otherwise.  If required, we can setup the pcbs in an assembly panel for pick & place machines, but the specific panel requirements as to maximum panel size, fiducials, tooling holes etc must be advised in writing.

The CAM Setup process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the job at hand.