Accepted Data

So we are all on the same page:

  • All artwork preparation & NC file generation is completed in Gerber format, because
  • PCBs are manufactured from physical Gerber format plots, therefore
  • receiving data in Gerber 274-X format is our favorite option!

We do accept a very limited number of design files where we will extract the Gerber data for you. Below is the complete list of design software that we support. If it is not listed, we don’t support it and therefore you will have to extract the Gerber data and send it along with the NC drill file in binary or text format to us so we can quote/manufacture.

Altium – You MUST tell us what version of Altium is used when you send us the .pcbdoc file as there are known compatibility issues between versions.  We can merge Altium files for multi-design panel manufacture (small fee applies) or if you send us a multi-design panel (embedded array) you must send us all the individual .pcbdoc files as well as the panel file.

Need help extracting Gerber & NC Drill data from Altium?  Click here for step by step instructions.

Eagle – Simply send us the .brd file. We do not merge Eagle files for multi-design panels.

Protel for Windows, Protel 98, Protel 99SE & Protel DXP  – Simply send us the .pcb file. We do not merge Protel files for multi-design panels.