Panel Share Service Guide

For cost sensitive small pcbs or one offs, enquire about our Panel Share Service. Please note tooling is not re-usable.

Prices start at $77 for 1 layer, $88 for 2 layer & $132 for 4 layer pcbs (prices include GST) for a minimum pcb area of 80cm2.

Standard Specifications

  • 5 working day manufacture
  • 1.6mm Copper Clad FR4 (135ÂșC Tg)
  • 1 oz copper
  • Green Solder-mask
  • White Silkscreen Legend
  • HASL (Tin/Lead)
  • Routed finish
  • Flying Probe E-Test

Minimum Design Rules

  • Track / Airgap: 0.15mm
  • Vias: 0.2mm with 0.45mm pad
  • Component Holes: 0.5mm with 0.8mm pad
  • Silkscreen Line: 0.15mm
  • Clearance Copper to Board Edge: 0.5mm

Possible Options/Upgrades

  • Immersion Silver (RoHS)
  • Immersion Gold (RoHS)
  • 24HRs, 2WD, 3WD, 4WD lead times