PCB design not ready for manufacture ?

We can’t help you with design or development.  We ONLY make bare PCBs from existing design files.

If you don’t have a design in the proper format you will need to seek the services of a professional designer or layout specialist.  If you need parts procurement or assembly services, you will need to speak to a specialist assembler.

If you have a schematic, a professional is likely to quote you a minimum of $500 + GST to produce the pcb design in the correct manufacturing format with specifications.

If you only have a concept, a board you need copied, a transparency, a photo or a hand drawn picture then the project is a lot bigger than you might think.  PCBs are a custom made item that have a specific pattern of tracks printed and holes drilled.  The concept is not that much different to asking a printer to produce a business card for you.  They will do it, provided you give them the design in the correct format.  If you can’t supply the card design they might offer to do it for you but will charge you design fees that are typically much higher than the cost of producing the card.

With pcbs, there is a lot more involved in design than just the track pattern so don’t be surprised if most professionals quote you a minimum of $2000 + GST to produce a schematic and pcb design with specifications in the correct format for manufacture.  No boards, just the design.

Click here for the names of some professionals who specialise in Assembly, Design &/or Stencil manufacture.