Cutoff Times

On any given day, some lead times may be unavailable due to existing work.  All sprint lead times (Sameday – 3WD) are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Cutoff time = the latest time to submit a job for manufacture on a particular lead time.  You will have met the cutoff time if you have supplied authority to proceed (written instructions, purchase order or payment) and ready to go manufacturing files.

Lead time = the manufacturing time ordered, ex-works only, and does not include weekends, public holidays or shipping.

1 & 2 layer PCBs

  • Sameday (1L / SS NPTH only): Cutoff 9am AEDST for pickup/despatch by 4pm that afternoon
  • 1 day: Cutoff 2pm AEDST the afternoon BEFORE Day 1
  • 1.5 day: Cutoff 12pm AEDST
  • 2 days: Cutoff 8am AEDST
  • 2.5 days: Cutoff 12pm AEDST
  • 3 days: Cutoff 8.30am AEDST
  • 4 days: Cutoff 9am AEDST
  • 5+ days: Cutoff 10am AEDST

1L NPTH = 1 layer PCB with Non Plated Through Holes (Single Side)
2L PTH = 2 layer PCB with Plated Through Holes (Double Side)

Multi-Layer PCBs

  • 2.5 days: Cutoff 9am AEDST
  • 3 days: Cutoff 2pm AEDST the afternoon BEFORE Day 1
  • 4 days: Cutoff 8.30am AEDST
  • 5+ days: Cutoff 10am AEDST

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