Design Guides & Hints

Clink on the link to download up to date Australian Manufacturing Capabilites.  Highlights are below.

NC Drill

  • Minimum via: 0.15mm / 6mil
  • Minimum annular ring component holes: 0.15mm / 6mil
  • Minimum Castellated Hole size (plated half holes): 0.5mm / 20mil

NC Rout

  • Minimum Plated (PTH) Slot width Multilayer: 0.6mm / 20mil
  • Minimum Plated (PTH) Slot width 2 Layer: 0.4mm / 16mil
  • Minimum Non-Plated (NPTH) Slot width: 0.6mm / 24mil

Minimum track / air gap 

  • 1oz / 35um copper: 0.15mm / 6mil
  • 2oz / 70um copper: 0.2mm / 8mil
  • 3oz / 105um copper: 0.25mm / 10mil
  • 4oz / 140um copper: 0.3mm / 12mil

Solder Mask 

  • LPI Process – standard satin finish green
  • Other satin finish colours: Blue, Black, Red, White or Yellow
  • Minimum Solder Mask Clearance over PAD size: 0.125mm / 5mil
  • Minimum solder mask dam: 0.15mm / 6mil
  • Partially tented vias (pads covered) using standard LPI ink process


  • LPI Process – standard white silkscreen
  • Other colours: yellow, black, blue, red or green
  • Minimum resolvable text height: 0.8mm in design package
  • Minimum resolvable Line Width: 0.13mm / 5mil
  • Minimum resolvable Reverse Print Clearance: 0.15mm / 6mil

Pad Finishes

  • HASL (tin/lead)
  • 0.3µ Immersion Silver (RoHS)
  • 0.03µ Immersion Gold over 0.3µ Immersion Silver (RoHS)

Copper Clearances

  • Copper to Board edge clearance for NC Rout: 0.3mm / 12 mil
  • Copper to Board edge clearance for V-Groove: 0.5mm / 20mil
  • Inner Layer Pad/Hole to Copper Clearance (Insulation) on Vias (1oz copper): 0.25mm / 10mil
  • Inner Layer Pad/Hole to Copper Clearance (Insulation) on Component Holes (1 oz copper): 0.35mm / 14mil

Testing & Quality

  • Flying Probe Gerber Electrical Test
  • UL Manufacturer File E234060 – 105°C
  • IPC Class II

Manufacturing / Design Hints

  • Drill bits are metric in size – hole sizes in imperial will be rounded up to the nearest 0.05mm
  • Router bits are metric in size – rout paths in imperial will be rounded to the nearest metric router bit available
  • Non plated slots & a board outline should be drawn on a mechanical layer using lines – slots are always routed
  • Plated slots should be drawn on a separate mechanical layer using a single line – slots are always routed
  • Boards are supplied as loose routed units unless requested to be supplied in panel (very small pcbs will be supplied tabbed for customer break-apart)
  • Silkscreen legend will be clipped to the mask layer
  • Via hole tenting is not guaranteed but holes may be covered on vias up to 0.3mm
  • Whilst we check the basics such as track / airgap widths, hole sizes and pads, outlines and slots, we do this for our benefit and do not provide any guarantee that design errors will be found or that the design is fit for purpose.