Aussie Prototype PCBs

Summer Holiday Close: Wednesday December 20 2017 – Sunday January 21 2018


About PCBFast

  • We are a prototype/small job manufacturer of rigid FR4 PCBs only
  • We have a real factory in Melbourne that can make 1, 2 & multi-layer FR4 PCBs
  • We work Monday – Friday only & working days (WDs) don’t include shipping, weekends, public holidays or factory RDOs
  • Download PCB Aussie Capabilities R1.3 Oct16 for our manufacturing capabilities guide
  • Sales is available 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Thursday & 8.30am – 3.30pm Friday by phone on 03 9775 0077 or email

I need boards made but don’t have a design file. 

Do you need any existing board copied or reproduced? Do you need a project developed? Do you have a photocopy, a pdf, a transparency or hand drawing?  Click here.….

I need boards made & I have a design file.

I have used Eagle, Altium, Protel for Windows, Protel 98, Protel 99SE or Protel DXP, what should I send you?   You can send extracted Gerber data OR the pcb file to for quote.  You must tell us which Altium package you have used.

I have used a different design package, can you use the design file I have?   No. You will need to extract the Gerber data yourself in 274-X format. Zip the files (don’t forget the drill in text or binary format) and email to for quote.

I have a 2 layer PCB I need made, how much will it cost?

  • Single design 2L small pcb panel (260 x 180mm) starts at $330 on 5 WDs + delivery & GST
  • Single design 2L standard panel (415 x 260mm) starts at $400 on 5 WDs + delivery & GST
  • Click here for more information on pricing, including single side PCBs

I have a multi-layer PCB I need made, how much will it cost?

  • Single design 4 layer panel (380x250mm) starts at $890 on 5 WDs + delivery & GST
  • Single design 6 layer panel (380x250mm) starts at $1150 on 5 WDs + delivery & GST

I need my PCBs made fast. What other lead times do you have?

Each day faster costs more money!  You will need to send your files to for a firm quote & availability of lead time options.  Click here for job cutoff times.

  • 2 layer PCBs: 24hrs, 2 days, 3 days or 4 days
  • Multi-layer PCBs: 3 days or 4 days

I need a stencil made.

We do not supply stencils.  Click here for an Australian stencil supplier.

I need the boards assembled once they are made.  Can you do this and supply the parts too?

Sorry, but no.  We do not assemble pcbs or supply components.   Click here for some contacts who can do this for you.